On the Avenue of Nations They Stroll (Redux)

By the time the sun burns away
morning’s fog, they can be spotted
Plying their trade, their customers
by now: johns on the way
to respectable office-tower jobs
Unable to resist the charms of children
Dressed in two high too high heels
and skirts the width of belts

The prepubescent ones lean into cars
Stopped for red lights at intersections
—oh, the irony— rasp dirty invitations
Quickly, in confidential tones
as if conducting interviews

In another part of town
A mother is weeping
Visions of a daughter’s first communion
blur with back-to-school sales stickers
Decorating flyers mixed together
with the morning newspaper …
She wonder when it was
their lives became
so thoroughly ransacked.



3 thoughts on “On the Avenue of Nations They Stroll (Redux)

  1. dang…this is a tough topic and you wrote about it masterfully…capturing the scene, the emotions, the thoughts of the mother…terribly sad and gut wrenching..

  2. The last stanza is heart breaking. Thank you for casting more light on this issue. It’s hard for me NOT to pass judgement on anyone who pays for sex. Sometimes I think that makes me narrow-minded…but not enough to widen my view. If there’s a market, there will be a service provided. Sad, what we humans do.

    I love your work. 🙂

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