Yeah…so here I am back at the old blog site again, now why is that I wonder? I write. A lot. So is this a good idea, do you think? Finding another place to write some more, do you think? It’s an election year after all. Yes it is, both here in Canada and there, over there, in the U. S. of A. So – maybe writing is frivolous, just self-indulgent or something. You know? When world events are being decided, should anyone who is not the least bit famous be writing, or should we be out trying to help someone of high integrity get elected? It’s a bit of an enigma, yes? If there’s such a thing as a bit of an enigma. I’m wondering if enigmas are like things unique – unmodifiable, you know? Or maybe you don’t know at all. Maybe it’s just late and I’m wondering what I’m doing back here on a blog again when I should really be working on the chapbook of poems I’m trying to put together, or that damned novel I’ve had on the go for, for – well, forever, I guess.



  1. WordPress seems to be prodding me for 411 about self. Described as ‘eclectic’ by some and ‘eccentric’ by others; think both mean that my bubble definitely is not in the middle and more than occasionally I step off the curb, intentionally. My mottos for life?”The only thing I can’t tolerate is intolerance.” and, “Life is short and uncertain, eat dessert first.” I lay claim to the first by picked up the second somewhere along the way.

    Some of my likes and dislikes include:
    -love to read and write
    -hate war and judgemental people
    -love all shades of purple
    -hate any type of cruelty to animals but am not a vegetarian
    -am ambivalent about PETA
    -am not religious but am spiritual hence comfortable being a Unitarian Universalist

    Reading this over, I think it probably belongs in my profile so I’m going to stop now. Later.

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