Out of the blue
I am waking
with my love
on Christmas
in Paris…
Unpredicted, I go
to cheer
on a friend
at an awards show
and receive one
Unforeseen, I answer
a midnight
the worst
to learn
after months
of despair,
one morning
I open my eyes
and I am


13 thoughts on “SUDDENLY

  1. All fabulous examples of the unexpected–particularly since you got to live them. I especially like the way you phrased last one–and that you experienced it. What a wonderful feeling.

  2. very cool…i wouldn’t mind, waking up with my loved one in paris you know..smiles..those are the kind of unexpected surprises that are VERY pleasant..

  3. It is wonderful to feel favored by the universe, even if for a short time. Your poem describes that sense that it will be all right! (Against all odds.) Well done. k.

  4. I like the poem listing of many types unexpected — from an unexpected award, to unpleasant intrusion to sleep, to an unexpected realization one is over a rough patch. 🙂

  5. smiles…i love it when the dominoes of the unsuspecting all fall in a positive direction like that…and unexpected trip to paris would be a wonderful thing for me…just saying…smiles…

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