In the Woods, the Stand










Trees mean as much to me as people
Sometimes even more, I venture
Especially the ones that take a stand

Birches are particularly strong and reliable
Known for their beauty of course
But also for their strength and durability

There are many hardwoods but birches
Are in a class of their own; in the forest
It is not unusual to find the trees grouped

In quite military-like configurations
Rows of these stately tall trees aligned
As if ready to march, or stand at attention

Birches – be they silver, paper-white
Or even weeping – are gracious, lovely trees
Never more so than when found, in a stand.



13 thoughts on “In the Woods, the Stand

  1. Thanks all for coming to the forest of birches to read and comment; birches are my favourite trees (if that wasn’t made evident) and figure in more than a few of my poems … I appreciate what you had to say about them and this piece.

  2. Love birch trees, they always look like they belong on an artist’s canvas rather than the forest. Perhaps we can take a lesson from the birches, when we stand together we can thrive. Very nice!

  3. Beautiful tribute to this lovely tree. There is another kind that has a somewhat similar look that I often get it mixed up with. But I too like these narrow white-barked families of trees standing together. Thanks for trying to prompt.

  4. definitely my favourite tree to look at and admire. Curious, I have always seen birches as very dainty with those tiny, gentle leaves… And yet, they grow in cool climate, so they must be strong.
    Thanks for that nice poem!

  5. I agree with you about trees meaning as much to you as people. They help to give us life, and, they are alive. We take so much for granted Of all the trees I am allergic to, it’s Birch and Ash. How strange! But, I love all trees and this prose says it all so eloquently.

  6. I loved this poem. I love the beauty of birches too and they do always seem to be found together in groupings. There is a road in Tofino lined with birches all the way along. They arch overhead and it is like driving under a canopy.

  7. This poem reminds me of what I learned when we lived in the Poconos and I was surrounded by the beautiful birches. They bend but do not break. Love this poem and what it reminds me of..

  8. This is a beautiful poem. Of the poems I have read by you, this is my favorite. I love that trees mean as much to you as people. I understand that. (And we cannot live without either trees or people.) Birches are a favorite tree of mine too!

    Thanks for jamming with us at Poetry Jam!

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