Living With a Wolf

When breathing became
impossible and I gathered
heartbeats like pearls
harboured secretly
You loped with me deep
into the woods our strides
matching those of
ancient ancestors
Long in the light you resisted
the urge to howl urging
me on with subtler
Prodding gently your lupine
nose wet against my
palm snuffling
when I was
Stop your eyes unfathomable
but filled with knowledge
beyond knowing
kept me
Until we came to the water
not a river nor
a lake as
expected at least
By me but a box of lakes
where you drank
your fill before
in a hair
Your tail flashing silver
between birch and larch
before I
folded myself
the waves


8 thoughts on “Living With a Wolf

  1. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting … I am so enamoured of wolves, have written about them so often – I may have to do my own “Howl” chapbook, or at least a chapter dedicated to the lupine set …

  2. Ooh… love this Sharon, especially the ending… this piece needs to be read aloud, I think…

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