Her parents thought
the cops were out to trick
them, trying to shine them on
Her Daddy told the neighbours
In a whisper so sad they
could just about taste it

But after a couple of days
slid by like beads on a string
Both of them made a wish
On her lucky rabbit’s foot
—that paw she was never without—
Her mama holding it
on her lap like a pet
just stroking its raggedy pelt

Wondering where their girl
could be, her fingers described
the shape of the paw over and over
Occasionally she rubbed it across
her lips, inhaling deeply
As if by smell alone, she might
glean the knowledge – where, where

How could she be somewhere
without her lucky charm;
this point bothered them both
more than either would admit
this, and her backpack leaning
by the basement door



10 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN CHARMS

  1. Glad so many of you came, read and commented on this – the scariest of every parent’s fears … sometimes I think I am as superstitious as the author Jodi Picoult who is forever saying things like “…if I write about, I feel as if I’m keeping it from happening to me …” Foolish I know, but there’s always a bit of that …

  2. I like watching the CSI shows…of course we all would like happy endings, though some are not. You could write an episode with this as the intro…
    very powerful.

  3. Wonderful frightening write. I think every parent goes through some version of fearing this very thing. Strong… The rabbit foot and the backpack—when the mundane carries heavy heavy weight.

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