The Rip













The inevitability
of the rip cannot be
predicted nor can it be
ignored for its occurrence
takes place with a disturbing regularity

Such a thing
is barely managed
by a mechanic who is descended
from a long line of wrench-wranglers
whose whole reason for existing is to watch for the rip

Once the thing
has done its split
had its way for that generation
(for that much has been determined – one rip per mechanic)
and been successfully maneuvered closed again

All that is left
Is for the present wrench-wrangler
to await the birth of the next in line before
He dares close his weary eyes – after, of course
Training his successor in the ways of wrangling, and watching for the rip


photo by Parke-Harrison


8 thoughts on “The Rip

  1. Thanks to all who came, commented and got straight through …
    Sorry Samuel that you got directed to the wrong place first – thanks for taking the time to come over anyhow … that was very good of you (and to critique in limerick fashion yet … alright!)

  2. “whose whole reason for existing is to watch for the rip” Aah, don’t we all know these people. Very creative tale. =)

  3. Oh, I love this! At least your fellow has a successor; mine has to do the job for all enternity!

    Thanks for the lovely comment. I will be back!


    P.S. They forced me to sign into WP, but as you know, I’m here:

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