From My Tower

I look directly down,
a sea of white lilacs
bobs and dances
round your base
The fragrance so heady
I forget
I am your prisoner still
Eventually I lift my eyes
to stare off,
and try to glimpse
the actual sea …

She is forever glorious —
Today’s no different—
Spring’s ocean sparkles
full of promise
Hues of aquamarine,
beryl, turquoise –
Those are just the layers
visible to me
Inhaling deeply
I am convinced
briny saltiness
is carried inland
all this way,
Coats my taste-buds,
makes my eyes sting –
It isn’t likely true
but I pretend

It makes captivity
more bearable
when I can make myself
believe these things
Believing also that
I have chosen
to be caged
in this tall aerie,
As if some exotic bird-woman
expecting to birth
a new race of bird-children,
Just biding my time
until the planets align
and my phoenix arises
from ashes anew and rescues me

Together we will fly off
into the blackness
that is night and free,
create a species
worthy of the time
I’ve spent up here
concocting such a future.



12 thoughts on “From My Tower

  1. Thank you all – I guess fairy tales are just ingrained in us … I didn’t really think of any particular one when I wrote it but any of those mentioned could be the template for sure …

  2. i like…she can taste the freedom that awaits already by the color and salt the air carries to her tower…and she knows rescue will come…love the flying away and the giving birth to a new, free race

  3. nice…this def carries a fairie tale edge to it…i wonder is it based on one….def the theme of the captive princess is prevelant…and i like the perspective you chose…and the hope that she carries in her as well…

  4. Enjoyed this. Rapunzel is one of my favorites, Sharon. I especially like the second stanza with the taste and sting of the briny sea and the desire to fly off with her phoenix.

  5. The princess in the tower–I like very much that she turns into a bird (and mother of an entire race of birds,no less) and flies the hell out of there, even if it’s only a fantasy. Also like the scent of the sea–something that can’t be imprisoned–working its way to the tower.

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