An Example of PowerPoint Karaoke (via Edmonton PowerPoint Karaoke)

Okay – this looks like karaoke I can get behind. A bit worried about the scheduling – Tuesday nights are definitely a problem for me – 1st Tuesday of every month I have one Board meeting I cannot miss and 2nd Tuesday of every month another … so, looks like I’ll only be able to check this out on the third Tuesday of each month if I’m reading your plans correctly … nevahmind. When I can, I will try and come late and catch the last acts at least on the other nights.

PowerPoint presentation is by nature dry, boring stuff; it does seem that makes it prime improvisational fodder – bring it on.

For those of you who want to see an example of PowerPoint Karaoke before you decide whether or not you want to sign up to perform, here you go! This is a great example of a participant trying to take the thing seriously, but also throwing in a fair number of jokes. The beer probably doesn’t hurt, either. I suspect that, at least during the inaugural event, presentations at … Read More

via Edmonton PowerPoint Karaoke


One thought on “An Example of PowerPoint Karaoke (via Edmonton PowerPoint Karaoke)

  1. It’s actually on the first and 3rd Tuesday of every month. In the incredibly rare even that there is a 5th Tuesday in a month (is that even possible?), I suppose it would also be on that day, since it’s “every odd Tuesday,” essentially.

    So, yeah, totally come when you can make it. And perhaps try your hand at it? You certainly don’t have trouble with public speaking, so it might be fun to give it a shot.

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