What’s worse? Kids nuking cat? vigilante facebookers? or a crying Pres. candidate?

So Hilary boo-hoo’s a bit and everyone seems to be in a flap – what’s that about? She’s cold – she’s unfeeling; she cries – she’s weak; she stands by her man, she’s a push-over; had she left him? no doubt about it, an unforgiving bitch…

Ah the life of the American politician. How you folks get anyone to sign up for that ticket is a magical mystery tour for sure, unless of course, the candidate’s a boob and how often does that happen? Oh right – let’s not revisit that tired tune.

Complete non-sequiter: – about the kids in Alberta who microwaved the cat recently? Bad acts for sure. But is it alright to post their names (ages 1 to 15 and in Canada it’s illegal to name them) and start death threats, before all the facts are in? Vigilante justice is just wrong, especially small-town stuff on big-time Facebook’s walls. The proverbial shit is about to hit more than Facebook’s walls. Yeah, I think you can count on it.


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