Greetings from the lip of the Arctic Circle

       Okay, so maybe Edmonton, Alberta’s not quite that far north – tell my chattering teeth; the deck thermometer is registering very much sub-zero temps. and there’s a wind-chill! Lot of Christmassy snow still hanging around – very pretty but makes Spring seem a long way off. Throw another log on the fire and curl up with a good book, or get back to writing the great Canadian novel, eh? Half-watching the Iowa primaries and trying not to fear the upcoming American election; is there anyone to vote for? Everybody seems so interchangeable…heavy sigh. Maybe I’ve just been too long up. Wonder if this blogging thing will turn out to be a hoot or a hassle. Hmm.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from the lip of the Arctic Circle

  1. Is Obama the light at the end of the tunnel? Or just another train a-comin’? From my perch here in the ivory-towered northland, it’s easy to be critical but hey, we send out troops off to the middle-east in what seems like a futile effort in Afghanistan too. Watched “Shooter”the other night, hard on the heels of “Babel”and “Syriana” – difficult not to feel just a tad cynical about the motives for Iraq or any other middle east conflict, after perusing any or all of those flicks. And let’s not get started on Africa! Sometimes I wish I drank. Nice to meet you too, and thanks for the feedback! Not only nature abhors a vacuum.

  2. Yes, I too fear for the election. I honestly think I may not be able to vote, so odious are the choices. The funny thing is I took a quiz to see which candidate my views most closely align with; it turned out to be Gravel or Biden (can’t remember which), which is a little surprising as I tend to be considered conservative (middle of the line, really). But these two were listed as the most aligned with the majority of people taking the quiz, so it’s surprising and a little disheartening that they are not likely to win the nomination. Grumble. P.S. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, nice to meet you!

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